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The Day Before (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 30

It was the day before and only if I'd known
That it was the day before my disaster
How funny it is when everything seems normal
Then all of a sudden your whole life changes
We're never really prepared for the day that alters us
That way, we can't hold our breath
Or stand our ground
But it was the day before
And God! It it took me down!

There was fire and brimstone
And coal and smoke
I tried to hold my nose but it wasn't enough
This day was written in my destiny 
To make me who I am
And I wouldn't take it back
Because I would forfeit it all
It was the day before
And I wasn't ready for that fall!

But goodness gracious I'm glad that I tumbled
Because here I am to tell about it
And I can say it all was worth it
I needed to fall
I needed to stumble 
Disaster saved my life
And I am still here because of that moment
Thanks to the day before
For being my worst component


This Love (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 29

I'm definitely unsure
You're positively immature
And I don't see how this is going to mix
Plus, there's not much we can fix
You're a red light and I'm passing go
I'm a free flight and you're...I don't know
But somehow this love is real
When it probably should be sealed
We're dysfunctional 
Yet untouchable
But we wouldn't give it up for the world
I'll choose you as my guy...me your girl
But this can't be good for our health
But what do I do when you're worth my wealth?
Maybe that means I don't have much
But I still love the feel of your touch
This love sometimes may suck
But this love is us


Starving Hunger (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 28

I got drunk off failure
Hungover by life
But after coming face to face with porcelain
My stomach's clear
And I'm hungry for more
Life has handed me dirty cards
But I wiped them clean to start over
My gut is growling for triumph
My heart is beating for success
It's time for me to get out of this mess
I'm hungry for victory
I'm hungry for happiness
I'm hungry for life

70VE (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 26

I stare at the long dark hallway
Hoping a light will show up
I swallow hard
Clench my fists
And feel the sweat form on my face
One step after another I slowly go
For a second I close my eyes tightly 
Hoping this is the right choice
I try to be mindful of my surroundings 
But there's nothing to see
I'm all alone
With goosebumps on my skin
I'm more than halfway there
But I want to turn around
What's waiting for me?
I see a light just at the end
I stop before I step into the brightness
What if it's not there?
Take a deep breath...exhale
I walk into the light
A smile spreads across my face
Love was waiting for me all along

We're Here (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 21

Time passes and photos fade
But the memories are still there
None of us are still the same
But that one thing brings us here

Every year that goes by
We're reminded of the things that make us
No matter how much time flies
Or how many dawns turn into dusk

I plan on leaving my mark
On the concrete, in the sand
Because I was given a spark
Try and take it if you can

My fingerprints will be legendary
The sound of my voice is iconic
Remember my name, it'll be necessary
It'll echo with waves of sonic

So here we are at the same place
Searching for the same things
We all want them to remember our face
But we have no idea what life brings

I just know that someday they'll say, "she was here"


Come Inside (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 19

Come on inside
 It's pouring out
Where it's safe and warm
From that quiet storm
Where you don't have to worry
And no one's in a hurry
Just come inside to me
The sky is dark
The clouds are gray
Just step in for a while and stay
There's no need for words
For the day, let's be flightless birds
We don't have to go anywhere
Just come inside to me
Don't look out the window
The winds are roaring
And the raindrops are pouring
Stay with me a while
Don't send me down the lonely aisle
I promise you'll be fine right here
Just come inside to me
When the rain stops
The rainbow will show
Even after that promise me you won't go
Because the rain was an excuse to get you here
And I'm not willing to let you disappear
When you enter don't ever leave
Just come inside

Press Stardom (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 17

It's like everything we do is for everyone to see
We might as well just film it and make a movie
Put it in the cinemas in 2D and 3D
Because we can't get a moment of peace

They're like paparazzi gaping through the cracks of our home
Even with the lights off we're never fully alone
 So we put on our shiny smiles made out of chrome
And pull out the stitches when no one's looking, that was tightly sewn

Only because we're not allowed to crack
We can't take that chance unless they turn their backs
Why won't they all just go away, take their bags and pack?
Maybe then we can continue where we left, get back on track

Camera smiles and red carpet attire
Come on baby, let's sell it to the highest buyer
We made it this far, straight through the wire
Don't let them know we're burning in the fire

Because there's nothing more that they'll love than a juicy story
Let's make this look good no matter how messy and gory
Because pain is how they get their glory
Don't let us become their latest quarry

I got the inspiration for this poem through a random words generator that gave me the words "press" and "stardom". It seemed perfect since I'm also obsessed with Pop Culture. 


The Woods (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 16

Once upon a time
There was a girl who ran from her safe world
At the drop of a dime
She let her feet hit the ground
Never looked back, never made a sound
Into the woods
Miles away
Ran as fast as she could
Into another day
There were dragons and fire
But they didn't scare her at all
Ran into Prince Charming but he was just a liar
She was too far in for anyone to hear her call
But she wasn't one to waste a moment
Not one to wait to be saved
The world was her component
She never seemed to be fazed
Because she never was like the rest
Instead of going right, she turned left
So into the woods
Miles away
She found her refuge, she found her safety
Only because she stood her ground bravely
Out of the woods
She no longer had to run
The evil and pain was over and done
This is a story too true to be fiction
A bitter pill was her only prescription 
It set her free
And this girl lived happily ever after
I would know because this girl is me

Halfway Mark (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 15

Go ahead and take your space
Because here with me is not your place
Maybe I deserve better, but then again maybe I don't
Maybe you need to experience more, but maybe you won't

Here we are stuck in the middle with no one but us
If you leave now how do you expect me to ever trust?
But if it's space that you need, then go ahead
It's worse regretting than waking up in an empty bed

We made it exactly to the halfway mark of forever
Time ticking away just turned into never
And I'm sorry to say that you're all that I got
But I'm more sorry to say I hope it's everything you're hoping it's not

And I'm hoping to say "no" when you want to hear "yes"
That someday I'll want what I want now less
And you're aching for it more than ever
That you regret the unbreakable ties you severed

So I stand here alone at the halfway mark of forever
Time ticking away just turned into never...

Uninspired (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 14

Completely uninspired
Not really sure what I aspire
Draw inspiration from "here"
But the wheels aren't cranking or turning
I stare blankly, trying to think of something clever to say
Nothing comes to mind
The quotes don't ignite a spark
They don't hit a mark
So I sit and wait for something to come to me...
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Wanted to say something about a battle
But it all seems overused
So it looks like I got nothing
Wait a minute!
Hey! I just got inspired by being uninspired
I guess that's it for today...

Color Me Dead (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 13

That's what you are to me
Is how you make me feel
What a bright color to see whenever I'm around you
Light and lovely, a feeling that's rare
I should feel rich when I'm around you but I always feel cheap
In your eyes I should be royalty but that's not how you treat me
I've never felt so dull
I'm worth the dirt on the ground to you so bury me in it

Go ahead and do it and get it over with
I won't put up a fight
Because black has always been my favorite color anyway

Cheers! (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 12

I'll do whatever it takes to get to you
Slit a throat, rob a soul, whatever I need to do
Because this burning desire just won't go away
And it's eating me inside day after day

I lust for your ending
Now I'm done with pretending
That it doesn't mean that much to me
Because even when I close my eyes it's you I see

This wanting inside
Will never subside
And this fascination
Just keeps me waiting

Some call it a dream, some say it's an obsession
I know I won't be happy until you're in my possession
My head's off my shoulders, my mind's enraptured
 I won't rest or sleep until it's you that I captured

Now I'm wishing on numbers and skeleton keys
And I spend everyday down on my knees
I'll keep on working until I'm buried in the dirt
Here's to hoping that one of these will work...


Their Eyes (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 11

They tell them to stay in a child's place
But their place is here with the rest of us
When it gets bad they say "turn your face"
But having to experience the world is a must

Maybe we should try to see it all from their eyes
Think wide open thoughts
With the purest of minds
Embrace all of the things that we once fought

Give them a chance to be themselves
Make their own choices, make their own dreams
Take these old ways and put them on shelves
And let them shine their own light to gleam

Self Expression (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 10

Growing up was hard knowing I was different
I was up and then I was down
But it only took a matter of seconds
I was a ticking time bomb that didn't make a sound
When I was 16 the doctor said
"You suffer from depression and anxiety"
For the first time I felt relieved
Now I had the answer to my inner rivalry
So I embraced my dark side
And put a couple of strings of light around it
Then called it "self expression"
That's when I knew it was as good as it gets
So I swallowed my little blue pill everyday of the week
And the marks on my arm let everyone know I was insane
I let them stare, talk, and laugh
After all, life is nothing but a fatal game
Now I ink my skin and travel the world
Because I learned that life is too cruel to not do what you please
I call it self expression
And I'm the owner of the master keys

Today is world mental health day. Don't forget to show some affection to those who need it most!

Perfectly Perfect (OctpoWriMo)-Day 6

I'm not good enough
But I'm perfectly perfect
I'm not accepted
But I'm good this way
I'll never measure up to them
But I'm as perfect as they come

My flaws are what makes me flawless
Someone told me it's perfect to be well rounded that way
There's a million things I would want to change
But then I'll be taking away pieces of me
And the last thing I want is to please the crowd
This is probably the most imperfect thing to admit out loud

I'm perfectly perfect the way that I am
Although it never feels that way
Sometimes I'm a queen
And sometimes I'm a peasant
In some ways it's better than being stuck in between
That way, I can only play for my own team

I think that's the thing that makes us perfectly perfect
Just being ourselves in all it's pain and glory
Who cares who likes it because no one really matters anyway
At least that's what I like to believe
So be perfectly perfect in all your flaws
And do whatever you want without needing a cause 


Australia (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 5

Remember last time it got too cold
And we flew across the world? 
They thought we were crazy
But you were my guy and I was your girl

We experienced new things 
And met new souls
And for the first time I felt like life was worth it
I was able to imagine us growing together, old

If this is aging
I would like to do it more often with you
I harvest every memory
Because you helped my dreams come true

Three different countries over the course of two weeks
It was the best change that ever happened to us
Dubai, Italy, and Australia used to seem untouchable
It was then we promised that traveling the world is a must

I used to think it all was impossible
That it would forever be a dream
I can't take all of the credit
It was like jumping out of a plane and forgetting to scream

I was never a fan of autumn until you came
It used to remind me of the end of happiness
But since you bought a one way ticket here
It's nothing but a cozy bed and bliss


Who I Am (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 4

Tell me when to go
So that way I'll know, if I should move or not
That is what you want
Isn't it?
To control me?
Make me feel smaller?

Well, I'm not one to mirror conformity
I've always believed it to be more of a lonely city
Rather than a community
Because it's built upon safe lies
I'd rather be a hated outcast
It's been suiting me just fine my whole life

Deep down I've always been a free spirit
Even though they've always ridiculed me for it
There's just some abuse you get used to
I'm a woman...oops!
I also have colored skin...sorry!
Someone should've told me to stay in my place

Oh, right, they did....

I'm too liberated to be held down
I'd rather be wrecked than safe and sound
Spit at me, curse my name
It won't make a difference anyway
Because I can't help but be the same
It's who I am...

I've been reawakened
And no I'm not mistaken
This is my revolution
Or maybe my revelation
Either way I'm taking the risk and being set free
I can't help it, it's who I am...

Waking Up Alive (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 3

I was hoping to wake up alive
Because all I did was indulge in you
I inject you into my veins like sugar in a needle
But all I can do is lie here

On my back
Staring at the ceiling with cracks in it
They said you would be sweet
They said you'd be kind

This was supposed to be easy
But it seems it was easier years ago
When I was younger
And this was new

The older it gets, the more I need
You're my favorite piece of candy
After taste and all...
Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up alive...

2 (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 2

There started out as two
And then one was created

That's the way we should be
Always two, never one, never alone

If threes a crowd, then two is complete
Maybe we'll meet on a one way street

There are many reasons why you're beautiful
But I'll give you two...

Your spirit
Your mind

That's all I'll ever need
Because that's all you'll ever be

It started as one
And now there's two

Maybe now that we're one
We can add another...three

Break Free (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 1

They never said
That adulthood would be this hard
Chains, barriers, brick walls...
It seemed fun when I was young
As a kid, I anxiously waited 
For the day
The hour
The minute
Then it came...
I grew my wings
And like a butterfly I had to fly away
No warning
No preperation for this transformation
It just happened
So here I am
Learning to break free
Break free?
Is this really freedom?
Because if it is
I may want to give it back...