S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

Self Expression (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 10

Growing up was hard knowing I was different
I was up and then I was down
But it only took a matter of seconds
I was a ticking time bomb that didn't make a sound
When I was 16 the doctor said
"You suffer from depression and anxiety"
For the first time I felt relieved
Now I had the answer to my inner rivalry
So I embraced my dark side
And put a couple of strings of light around it
Then called it "self expression"
That's when I knew it was as good as it gets
So I swallowed my little blue pill everyday of the week
And the marks on my arm let everyone know I was insane
I let them stare, talk, and laugh
After all, life is nothing but a fatal game
Now I ink my skin and travel the world
Because I learned that life is too cruel to not do what you please
I call it self expression
And I'm the owner of the master keys

Today is world mental health day. Don't forget to show some affection to those who need it most!