S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

A Tragic Heart

A Tragic Heart (Part 1 of A Tragic Heart Series)

A Tragic Heart (Part 1 of A Tragic Heart Series)

Sixteen year old high school student Taylor Caldwell has been through the wringer of life. The love triangles, heartbreak, and stress of being a teenager is all crashing down and it’s slowly igniting a fire that’s bound to destroy her. It would take a miracle for her parents to remember her existence and the same goes for the only guy she has eyes for. But sometimes miracles happen…just not in the form that we want them to. All she ever wanted was an option; a way out of her turmoil…a reason to fight. She never thought that life would give her two.

With more options and decisions to make than ever before, Taylor is left with her own conscience and personal journal entries to keep her on track. Her older brother, who is also her only friend, is busy touring with his band while Taylor is battling the confusing life of coming of age. She finds solace in her boyfriend’s closest cousin, causing animosity to build a bridge between two boys who were once like brothers. As if her life couldn’t get any more interesting, more chilling secrets and curve balls are thrown into the mix leaving Taylor to make the ultimate choice…a choice that almost every teenager has thought about at least once in their life.

What seems like an average tale of a troubled teenager coming of age will quickly shatter readers’ preconceptions with a number of gripping twists and developments. Flourishing into a more complete and introspective story, A Tragic Heart quickly proves to readers that it can be so much more than a stereotypical tale.