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For Specs Alexander...(To The Moon & Back)(OctPoWriMo2015-Day 20)

You may be older and don't run around like you used to
But I still love you to the moon and back
You may be bad and tear up things that's new
But I love you to the moon and back
And nothing will ever change that

You may not be feeling well these days
And we're not sure what exactly is wrong
But I'm sure you'll be okay
Because you've always been strong
I'll love you to the moon and back

You may only be 13 pounds but you're so much bigger to me
I'll love you to the moon and back
I promise I won't ever leave

Even when your time is limited, that day will come
But none of that will change a thing
Because the moon isn't far enough
Neither is the sun

So I'm rooting for you my Poodle Love
I mean it, you're the best dog in the world
Because no one comes close
Not a boy or any girl

You're the only one who can make my heart skip a beat
And I'm trying to keep this poem short, nice and sweet
But I don't think no one understands
Or gets it just like that
No matter what happens, I'll love you to the moon and back

And far beyond...


Not Enough (OctPoWriMo2015-Day 5)

Screaming and fighting isn't enough to keep me away from you
Crying and hard feelings aren't strong enough to stop this feeling
Because it's always you I run to, no matter what you do
As much as I hate you, there's always a feeling of love I'm concealing

Heartbreak and discomfort doesn't stop our world from going round
Painful words and blows won't kill our moments
Because I hear so much even when you don't make a sound
When you're too angry to speak, you're never my opponent

Because this is what true love looks like
Even during the worst times
We fight

For us, for who we want to be, for who we are together...

The prompt was based off of a line from Taylor's Swift's song "You Are In Love". It's actually my favorite part of the song and I would always play it over and over which is why I found it funny to be the prompt for day 5. 

"You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars
And why I've spent my whole life trying to put it into words"-Taylor Swift

Lonely, Stupid Girl

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
He'll never love you the way you love him
He'll never get that gleam in his eye
And he'll never be excited to see you the way you want

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
You're too dumb to notice
Too lonely to care
But he'll never understand what you feel

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
He'll always tell you, you think too much
Because his mind doesn't hold the capacity yours does
It just isn't the same for him

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Walk away and love someone new
Someone who will love you the way you give love
Someone who will understand that light that turns on every time you see them

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Life is unfair and so is love
He's too blinded by his actions to understand how you feel
You have love too big for him to grasp

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Take this letter as a word of advice
You deserve better
You have a heart too big for him to feel

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
He'll beg you to stay but please walk away
You don't deserve to feel trapped
There's someone out there wanting to set you free

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
You shouldn't feel embarrassed for your love
If only more people loved the way you do...
If only he did...

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
It's okay to cry at midnight on the couch alone
It's happened to the best of us
Your love is just too much for some but they don't deserve it

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Wipe your face clean and breathe in deep
He'll ask you what's wrong but he'll never understand
Because boys like him don't see what they have
They don't get they have what they don't deserve

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
You're better than him
He knows it but he plays on your weaknesses
Walk away...please

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Stop showing you care so much
Take your heart from your sleeve and put it in your pocket
Don't ever let him see it or have it

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Always love the way you do
Because someone will notice
And want to love you the same
And he'll be watching that same flat screen TV all alone...with no one to come to after

This Love (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 29

I'm definitely unsure
You're positively immature
And I don't see how this is going to mix
Plus, there's not much we can fix
You're a red light and I'm passing go
I'm a free flight and you're...I don't know
But somehow this love is real
When it probably should be sealed
We're dysfunctional 
Yet untouchable
But we wouldn't give it up for the world
I'll choose you as my guy...me your girl
But this can't be good for our health
But what do I do when you're worth my wealth?
Maybe that means I don't have much
But I still love the feel of your touch
This love sometimes may suck
But this love is us


70VE (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 26

I stare at the long dark hallway
Hoping a light will show up
I swallow hard
Clench my fists
And feel the sweat form on my face
One step after another I slowly go
For a second I close my eyes tightly 
Hoping this is the right choice
I try to be mindful of my surroundings 
But there's nothing to see
I'm all alone
With goosebumps on my skin
I'm more than halfway there
But I want to turn around
What's waiting for me?
I see a light just at the end
I stop before I step into the brightness
What if it's not there?
Take a deep breath...exhale
I walk into the light
A smile spreads across my face
Love was waiting for me all along

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?: Theme From RED

"I closed the bedroom door behind me. I could feel her crying herself to sleep but I had no time for feeling sorry. She betrayed me and that wasn’t something I could easily forgive her for. I needed time to myself."-Mason (RED)

Forgiveness is a touchy subject but it's the topic I said I would talk about this week. Last week I talked about dropping your ego to become someone new and make a better life for yourself, and the week before that I talked about making mistakes and learning from them. These are all major themes in RED but forgiveness is probably one of the biggest.

As I mentioned before, my characters are far from perfect and they make tons of mistakes (maybe even more than the average person) which causes for a lot of forgiveness to take place. From the moment the novel starts, Peyton struggles with forgiving her mother for leaving her the way she did (readers of A Tragic Heart knows exactly what I mean). Mason and Adalyn has some obstacles to overcome within their marriage which means they both have to learn to forgive if they want to move on with their lives for themselves and for their family. Jackson (Peyton's uncle and Mason's ex-brother in law) also finds himself in the middle of a situation that requires forgiveness in order to move on. The same goes for Ronan.  

Forgiveness is something we all have  to learn. The truth is I'm not sure if forgiving is part of human nature. Our first instinct is never to forgive the person who wronged us or show grace towards them. When we feel betrayed our first instinct is to express anger and plot revenge. We have to train ourselves to forgive and love that person in spite of whatever it is they've done. The characters in RED struggle with the same issue.  Some of the issues seem unforgivable while others are a bit lighter to digest. 

“That’s not stupid, it’s called being young! You and Marcus had a hurtful history and it’s normal to want to find comfort in a person who caused you so much pain. Alex was a complete mistake and you have to forgive yourself for it. That’s the hardest part…forgiving yourself. Once you learn how to do that, you’ll be happy.”-Adalyn (RED)

Forgiving isn't always an action you have to show someone else. Sometimes we have to learn to forgive ourselves just as much as we have to learn to forgive another.  Forgiving ourselves sometimes mean we have to forget whatever it is that we've done and move on. It's not easy but we can't spend our entire lives dwelling on something that's in the past. After a while you're going to have to learn to pick yourself up and say "I forgive you" and keep it moving. Even if the person you wronged hasn't forgiven you yet, still, forgive yourself. You deserve it. This is something Peyton, Adalyn, and Mason must learn. As humans, we can do some pretty horrible things but that doesn't mean we have to punish ourselves forever. Forever is a long time and you deserve to be happy and guilt free for whatever remaining time you have left here. 

"She didn’t only humiliate me. She publicly humiliated me. How am I supposed to get past this? How am I supposed to forgive her? But mostly, how am I supposed to forget this?"-Ronan (RED

Some acts of betrayal are so terrible that we convince ourselves that there's no way we can ever forgive that person for doing what they did to us but the honest truth is that it isn't true at all. No matter how horrible the act or how much that person humiliated you, you can get over it and learn to forgive them. It doesn't  mean you have to be best friends again, it just means that you're no longer letting what they did consume your life or thoughts. You have better things to think about. Sometimes it feels impossible to forgive if you can't forget what happened but it gets easier with every day that goes by. It all takes time. We can't expect to be forgiven when we do something wrong if we can't forgive others when they wrong us. 

So today, I hope that you learn that whatever happened to you (or what you did to yourself) isn't the end of the world. Get up, forgive yourself or whoever turned their back on you, and move on. It's not the end of the world and life goes on whether you like or not, so why not make it a little more peaceful? Learn from your mistakes, drop your ego, and forgive so that you can start over. Start over...that sounds like a great topic for next week, eh?  

Here's a song that teaches us all about forgiveness...and love!

Halfway Mark (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 15

Go ahead and take your space
Because here with me is not your place
Maybe I deserve better, but then again maybe I don't
Maybe you need to experience more, but maybe you won't

Here we are stuck in the middle with no one but us
If you leave now how do you expect me to ever trust?
But if it's space that you need, then go ahead
It's worse regretting than waking up in an empty bed

We made it exactly to the halfway mark of forever
Time ticking away just turned into never
And I'm sorry to say that you're all that I got
But I'm more sorry to say I hope it's everything you're hoping it's not

And I'm hoping to say "no" when you want to hear "yes"
That someday I'll want what I want now less
And you're aching for it more than ever
That you regret the unbreakable ties you severed

So I stand here alone at the halfway mark of forever
Time ticking away just turned into never...

2 (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 2

There started out as two
And then one was created

That's the way we should be
Always two, never one, never alone

If threes a crowd, then two is complete
Maybe we'll meet on a one way street

There are many reasons why you're beautiful
But I'll give you two...

Your spirit
Your mind

That's all I'll ever need
Because that's all you'll ever be

It started as one
And now there's two

Maybe now that we're one
We can add another...three

YouTube Links!

I feel like A Tragic Heart has so many themes that one focus isn't enough to give you an idea on what the novel is about. I will be making trailers throughout the week based off of the many themes of the novel. Here are two links to two of my new book trailers on YouTube:

Self Harm Theme:Trailer #1

Love Triangle Theme:Trailer #2

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