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Character Profile for RED: Ronan Connolly

It's October so that means it's time for another character profile for a character from my upcoming novel, RED. This character is completely new and he even gets his own POV from time to time. He's someone that I'm sure a lot of girls will like not only because of his good looks and Irish accent but because of the amount of compassion he has. He's an all around great guy! Allow me to introduce you all to.......

Ronan Connolly

Full Name: Ronan James Connolly

Birth Date: February 26, 2010

Gender: Male

Age During RED: 16-19 years old

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Height: 6'0

Weight: 185 lbs

Relatives: Jane Connolly (Mother) & Paul Connolly (Father)

Relationship Status: Completely in love and devoted to Peyton Hayley Giordano (in other words, TAKEN)

Interests/Hobbies: Photography & Art

Positive Character Traits: Ronan is an extremely compassionate and forgiving person. He doesn't hold grudges and he's probably one of the sweetest guys you'll ever come to meet. He has a great swagger about him and seems a little tough on the outside but he's completely soft and loving on the inside. He's a fantastic boyfriend/partner and believes in honesty. Basically, his parents did a great job raising him. Not to mention, he was born and raised in Ireland giving him a hot Irish accent to go with all of these things. 

Negative Character Traits: When it comes to his girlfriend he can be a bit of a pushover but that's probably because he's completely mesmerized by her. He can be blind to her actions at times. 

Choice Quote from RED: "She was temptation itself but nothing about her seemed sinful. It was all heavenly."

That's all for this month! Next month I'll have another character to introduce to you all. He's a bit of a rebel who shakes things up in the story. Without him, RED wouldn't be complete. I can't wait for you all to meet him, but for now I hope you all feel a little closer to Ronan. There will be a lot more of him in RED Remember, RED is the second part to A Tragic Heart and the second book in my RED TRAGEDIES series. You still have time to catch up before the release of RED!

By the way, if Ronan was a song he'd be "Simonize" by Pete Yorn.