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New Light (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 31

At the end of a journey
Just to start a new
The things I've learned
Can be summed up in few

Patience, creativity, and perseverance 
Things I need to be a better me
Who knew it would come from writing?
Who knew a challenge would be the key?

The wheels started moving
They cranked and they turned
For 31 days 
I let my mind burn

But in the best way possible
Because I found a new light
Some great new ideas
That I'll work on at night

So until next year
I have to get back to work
Share some new inspiration
And enjoy all the perks 

Beta Waves (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 27

Closing my eyes is my favorite thing to do
It's not that I'm lazy but I get to dream about you
If only I could still hold you near
This pain in my heart would disappear
You're only present in my wildest dreams
We're alive in a world where nothing is what it seems

I never knew that sleep could be so satisfying
The peace, the freedom is almost like I'm dying
But it happens in the best way that could exist
Because I get to see the one that I miss
Every night I get to smile
I get the chance to talk to you for a while

In reality, you're not even here with me
But that doesn't matter in my dreams
That's why being asleep is better than being awake
Touching things only my beta waves can create
I don't care if I only love a fantasy
I don't care if it contributes to my abnormality 

Because I'm happy that you're right in front of me
Even if I'm the only one who can see
I'm okay with living in a lie
As long as we never have to say goodbye
I can't let you go ever again
I don't think this heart would ever mend

Magic (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 25

Spells, chants, and crystal balls
None of them worked, I tried them all
But you still haven't come back to me

I called on magic
I held my faith
But it's all so tragic
When hope has been erased 

The angels said be patient
The voices said be kind
But how can I remain
When you still aren't mine

So I went to the psychic 
But her answer, I didn't like it
She said to weigh my options
Then mixed me up a strange concoction 

She added indifference with a bit of cynicism 
She told me to take a sip and I'll be released from this prison

And here I am completely over you
Now I believe in magic
There's nothing I can't do

"Society" (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 20

Waiting to hear the words that I want
Is almost like slowly sticking glass in your eyes
With every twitch and scream
I wait for the pain to subside 
But if you speak what I can't bear to hear
I wouldn't know where to take it from there
Because I waited for this too long
I don't know how much longer I can be strong

All good things come to those who wait
But I waited too long for you to determine my fate
I'm just a piece in your game board
What can I really do?
I want to speak out in fury
But I know that won't get the best of you
Because you control this cruel world
And I'm only just a girl

I have a dream and a pen
And I intend to use it
I have a voice and a sound
But I'm not sure if I'm fit
Because there are all these rules I'm supposed to follow
But in truth, I feel like I'm being swallowed
Being digested in a world of lies
Stuck in a place where everyone wears buttons for eyes

If I'm like me I can't make it
I wasn't made with the right ingredients
My formula didn't contain the right contents
I look how I look
I am what I am
But I'm doing the best that I can
All of this thinking gives me anxiety
Living in a place we call a "society"

My Weapon (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 9

It gets hard that's why I do this
Put the pen to the paper
Because life doesn't turn out the way we want it to
So what else is there to do?

My life wouldn't be here
And my wrists wouldn't be clean
So I use the pen as a blade
And recreate the disaster that's been made

Someone asked me why I continue
When I'm not making a difference
Because I need it to learn
Or else I would set fire to myself and watch through a mirror while I burn

I have to do this
Because life doesn't make sense
And there's too much pain
And my emotions have never been tame

I'm all over the place
And I'm lost and confused
And there's nothing else that I could do
I have demons just like the rest of you

So I do this...


Blame It On The Moon (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 8

Tides are rising 
And so are emotions
This house ain't what it used to be

Feelings we never knew
Things we never felt
It's not just about you and me

Can I borrow your light?
Like the moon does from the sun?
Blind me for an eternity

I don't want to see the hurt
And I don't want to feel the pain
Buried in this mess, covered with debris

Maybe the full moon is just driving us crazy
Or maybe it's really just over
Let's drown together in the tides of this sea

But we just keep it going
Because we get nostalgic for the pain
We start to pick the forbidden fruits from the same tree

We keep wishing on stars
And hoping for a change in constellations
But what good does that do?

Now the storm is getting bad
And we can blame it on the moon
And pretend it's not just about me and you

What Isn't Said (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 7

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words
And sometimes it's easier to hear you when you say nothing at all
Words lie
Silence is the truth
And sometimes I understand you better on mute

Cold stares and unsure thoughts
It's all revealed when not a word is spoken
Working tongues are evil
Hearing nothing is hard
But I'd rather be set free than imprisoned and barred

Silence is golden
That's never been more true
The sound of lips coming apart can tear
Closed mouths can open hearts
Don't worry if you see me coming apart

Because it's better to be released by the truth
Than to go on believing in a lie
Tongues with all their sounds are overrated
So I'll bathe in your silence
And remember that moments like these are timeless


Waking Up Alive (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 3

I was hoping to wake up alive
Because all I did was indulge in you
I inject you into my veins like sugar in a needle
But all I can do is lie here

On my back
Staring at the ceiling with cracks in it
They said you would be sweet
They said you'd be kind

This was supposed to be easy
But it seems it was easier years ago
When I was younger
And this was new

The older it gets, the more I need
You're my favorite piece of candy
After taste and all...
Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up alive...

2 (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 2

There started out as two
And then one was created

That's the way we should be
Always two, never one, never alone

If threes a crowd, then two is complete
Maybe we'll meet on a one way street

There are many reasons why you're beautiful
But I'll give you two...

Your spirit
Your mind

That's all I'll ever need
Because that's all you'll ever be

It started as one
And now there's two

Maybe now that we're one
We can add another...three

Break Free (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 1

They never said
That adulthood would be this hard
Chains, barriers, brick walls...
It seemed fun when I was young
As a kid, I anxiously waited 
For the day
The hour
The minute
Then it came...
I grew my wings
And like a butterfly I had to fly away
No warning
No preperation for this transformation
It just happened
So here I am
Learning to break free
Break free?
Is this really freedom?
Because if it is
I may want to give it back...