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Something New Is Brewing...

Hey all! Very recently I posted onto my social media accounts that I was thinking about creating VERY short stories based on the characters from the RED Tragedies series. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not but I've decided to give it a go.

Every so often I will post a new story equivalent to 1-2 pages based on one or more of my characters. These very short scenes will be based on various times of their lives and will not be written in any specific order. For example, you can read about 15 year old Peyton or 25 year old Peyton. You can read about Taylor's life with Peyton after A Tragic Heart (if it existed) and you can read about Taylor's life without Peyton. Basically, it's all for fun and games while giving you all an occasional dosage of the characters you've come to know and love.

Most of it will be a day in the life of ___________. I will also provide a song to listen to while reading (more than likely the song that inspired me to write the scene) so it can put you in the mood. I'm actually very excited about this new project and I can't wait to see what I will come up with. These stories will be written from the characters' POV in some cases and in others it'll be written as if a narrator is telling a story.

I will post each story on my blog as well as my Wattpad account. Hope you all are ready!

Characters who will be included are as follows along with the books they are present in (but more will be added as stories progress):

1. Taylor (A Tragic Heart, Turn It Off, What Could've Been)
2. Peyton (A Tragic Heart, Turn It Off, What Could've Been)
3. Mason (A Tragic Heart, RED, Turn It Off, What Could've Been)
4. Jackson(A Tragic Heart, RED, What Could've Been)
5. Adalyn (A Tragic Heart, RED, Turn It Off, What Could've Been)
6. Alex (RED)
7. Peyton Hayley (A Tragic Heart, RED, What Could've Been)
8. Ronan (RED)
9. Lauren (A Tragic Heart, Turn It Off)

A Tragic Heart & RED are available now while the intro and first chapter of Turn It Off is available. What Could've Been is coming soon!

Pick up your copies here available in both paperback and kindle: http://www.amazon.com/S.-Elle-Cameron/e/B00FNI34X4/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

The Day Before (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 30

It was the day before and only if I'd known
That it was the day before my disaster
How funny it is when everything seems normal
Then all of a sudden your whole life changes
We're never really prepared for the day that alters us
That way, we can't hold our breath
Or stand our ground
But it was the day before
And God! It it took me down!

There was fire and brimstone
And coal and smoke
I tried to hold my nose but it wasn't enough
This day was written in my destiny 
To make me who I am
And I wouldn't take it back
Because I would forfeit it all
It was the day before
And I wasn't ready for that fall!

But goodness gracious I'm glad that I tumbled
Because here I am to tell about it
And I can say it all was worth it
I needed to fall
I needed to stumble 
Disaster saved my life
And I am still here because of that moment
Thanks to the day before
For being my worst component


Sharing Is Wearing...

How many of you like to share? What about all the time? Honestly, I don't know if there really is a such thing as a person who absolutely loves to share. Maybe here and there but what about when it comes to our personal space and/or personal things? What happens when it feels like "we" are being violated because of our giving nature?

How many of us have been taken advantage of? I can probably guess that if everyone reading this was in an assembly we'll all raise our hands. The one thing I've always wondered was if people ever really notice when they are taking advantage of someone. It's obvious to the person it's happening to but what about to the one who is "taking advantage"? Is it obvious to them too?

We always tend to quickly point fingers and blame others for something that hurt us or that we've taken offense to but we never stop to think if that person really meant it. Now I know that people should be smart enough to see certain things and understand right from wrong, but let's not give the human race too much credit by assuming that everyone has common sense. Some people just don't know when some things should be said or done. This shouldn't be a surprise, so why is it always?

It seems like in this lifetime when we give a little it somehow translates into a lot. How is it that I can give someone an inch and end up missing a mile? It doesn't make sense that my kindness continuously gets mistaken for weakness. Why is it that no matter how much I give, it's never enough? People always want more. A reader of my novel, A Tragic Heart, stated that one of their favorite quotes is when the main character, Taylor Caldwell states, "I wish I had more. But if I didn't want more, I wouldn't be human; we always want more because we're never satisfied. It has been imprinted on our brain that more is better, when in fact, less is probably more than we need." They said they found this quote very relateable and it was one that stuck in their mind. The sad part is that we tend to want more even if we're the beggers.

The saying goes, "beggers can't be choosers!" But somehow, people always shatter that theory. From my personal experiences, the beggers are always the choosers. What gives people the right to ask you for something and then choose what way it has to be done. Does this piss anyone else off? Of course it does! But to be truthful, we have all been choosy beggers. Shame on us to point the finger at others when we're guilty of the same crime.

Bottom line: no one really likes to give away their personal items/space and no one likes beggers. The only thing we must remember is that we were probably once a begger (or worst! A choosy begger!) or may possibly still be a begger. Sharing doesn't always feel like a caring act. In fact, it can be a very wearing and tedious one. The only way to solve this problem is to listen to the old saying "do unto others as you would like others to do unto you" and of course let's not forget the legendary theory of The Spice Girls, "You have got to give, taking is too easy, but that's the way it is!"