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All love is a tragedy...

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Australia (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 5

Remember last time it got too cold
And we flew across the world? 
They thought we were crazy
But you were my guy and I was your girl

We experienced new things 
And met new souls
And for the first time I felt like life was worth it
I was able to imagine us growing together, old

If this is aging
I would like to do it more often with you
I harvest every memory
Because you helped my dreams come true

Three different countries over the course of two weeks
It was the best change that ever happened to us
Dubai, Italy, and Australia used to seem untouchable
It was then we promised that traveling the world is a must

I used to think it all was impossible
That it would forever be a dream
I can't take all of the credit
It was like jumping out of a plane and forgetting to scream

I was never a fan of autumn until you came
It used to remind me of the end of happiness
But since you bought a one way ticket here
It's nothing but a cozy bed and bliss