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Girls, Boys, & Boundaries: Is There A Double Standard?

Here is my new post for I AM THAT GIRL! It's all about the double standards placed on men and women when it comes to being violated physically and verbally. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. Don't forget to click the "like" button for Facebook at the end of the article. The link is below:


Love What You Got!

We all should learn to fall in love with ourselves a bit more. In the end we're all we're going to have and if we don't love us then who will? That's what my new post for I Am That Girl al about. It's about loving your body, image, and whatever else you have regardless of what the media or anyone else says. Here's the link: http://www.iamthatgirl.com/love_what_you_got

Don't Break the Mold, MAKE the Mold-I AM THAT GIRL

Here is the link to my first blog post for the female empowerment organization, I AM THAT GIRL! The organization is founded on the belief that women are important and should be inspired everyday. The title of the post is "Don't Break the Mold, MAKE the Mold!" Click the link below to take a look! Also visit their website at www.iamthatgirl.com to take the pledge and receive newsletters. Be inspired!