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Jumping Waves

Hello All!

It's been a while! Over 2 months to be exact. I've been hard at work and juggling writing my newest novel, Crazy Little Thing Called Love (which is so close to being done, by the way) and starting a new organization/company called Jumping Waves.

Jumping Waves started as an idea during a day at the beach about a year ago. I've been working hard coming up with new and exciting ideas for it. The organization is similar to ones like To Write Love On Her Arms but we have plans that will make Jumping Waves stand out from the crowd. Recently, I launched an Instagram page for the company along with a Facebook and Twitter page. If you'd like (and I would really love it) you can check out the website (unfinished) at www.JumpingWaves.org. There's so much more to come. Please follow us, and like and share anything you love. I hope this company grows beyond my wildest dreams and changes the world in ways I can't even imagine!

Check out our first blog post here: Who You Want To Be Is Who You Are

Back to writing/business...

-S. Elle Cameron

I'm Inspired, I'm Just Broke!

"I am inspired, I'm just broke," that's what a close friend of mine just said to me a few minutes ago and I thought it was nothing short of brilliant! Those words are so simple yet we (as in those entering adulthood and recent college graduates) all can relate. How many of us feel as if we have more dreams than we could ever afford? Doesn't it suck to have a good idea yet no way of executing it? It's almost like life designed you to be a failure by default...and no one wants to be a failure.

I wish I had a way of telling you a way out, but most importantly I wish I could help you instead of just writing this blog. Adulthood is hard. There's no other way to put it...no candy coated way of making reality sound like a dream. It's hard but the most important thing to remember is to not give up. This is even a hard task for me to remind myself of on a daily basis.

They always say it gets better and we have to believe that it actually will or else we're just going to be stuck in the same position. Now again, I wish I could tell you how and when it will get better but I'm still trying to figure that out for myself. Maybe we aren't meant to know when or how because then it wouldn't mean as much to us, now would it? We'll take what the future has planned for us for granted instead of working as hard as we should. But sometimes, doesn't it feel like you would work harder if you only knew some good would come from it? The most important thing to remember is how it happens isn't always up to us but believing it will happen is always our choice.

So the pretty words I've written still means nothing to you...you're still inspired but you're also still broke (trust me, I hear you!). Try to figure a way out. The best advice I could give you is to think of the thing that you would be doing if you had the means of doing it and RUN WITH IT! Do it while you're broke until someone pays you to do it. Buy a "how to" book and check off what you can. Build a name for yourself until everyone is shouting it in cheers. Just do what makes you happy because the world isn't going to wait for you (It's sure not waiting for me! I'll be 23 this July...talk about getting old!). It's a depressing thought but maybe it'll get you to move. Now I'm not telling you to spend your last cent and get evicted but I am telling you to take a chance if things aren't working out the way you planned. If you're depending on someone to hire you but there's no luck yet...HIRE YOURSELF! Keep yourself busy with what you love until you find a job or better yet...you become the boss of someone's job. We have to make a living and let's face it, IT AIN'T EASY!!!!

We're the generation that was handed the crap stick. We're trying to make a living and a name for ourselves while battling a bad economy and overpopulation...two things that just simply do not mix. But there's good news! We're also the generation that aren't afraid to mix things up! We already changed how the world receives their news, interacts with one another, and how products are sold...why not make an empire of ourselves and stop building an empire for other people? They call us a bunch of narcissists because we have to tweet or post anything we feel or do...why not be narcissists who focus on ourselves so much that we become one of the greatest generations in history. Why not be known as the NOW generation? As in we get it done and we demand it our way NOW!

So, in short, I may be broke but I'm rich in inspiration...and that's what's going to make a difference!

To put it in the simplest form, I'll let Bruno Mars explain it to you:

The Art of Giving Up

"22 is like the worst idea that I've ever had. There's too much pain, it's too much freedom what should I do with this? It's not the way you plan it, but how you make it happen!"

"Encouragement gets old," those are the words that came out of my mouth around 9:50 this morning. Do you want to know why I uttered those pessimistic words? Simply because it's true. If you haven't noticed I'm not in a very encouraging mood today and I honestly haven't been for a while. After Australia, Dubai, and Italy, life came down a lot...more like crashed and burned because fantasy life was over.

I don't want to encourage anyone today, that's what my previous posts are for, instead I want to be honest about how much life sucks and it's more than okay to admit that at times. I've always joked that the title of Paramore's song "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" is the best way to describe my personality. I've always been the downer and the "dark" one in the crowd so my recent posts of light shedding is a rare thing. Maybe I was on a vacation high. Maybe something has gotten into me...who knows? All I know now is that twenty two really does feel like the worst idea that I've ever had. 

Life is hard when the high is gone and cloud 9 evaporates into thin air. This is what happened to me in the recent weeks. I knew that life was hard from past experiences but just when it seems to get better, reality hits and it gets worse. Does it ever really get any better or do we just learn how to deal with the pain as time goes by? 

Lately, rejection has been the reason why I feel like I want to give up. I've been getting rejected from almost everything in my life. It's to the point that I'm surprised my dog even still looks at me as a valuable person. Ever get that feeling that you're simply not good enough? Yeah, well, that's been the feeling I've had for a long time. My biggest fear has always been becoming a failure by my own standards and lately my life has been heading in that direction. 

In the beginning, I honestly thought that I would beat the odds but now I'm not so sure. I don't want to be mediocre or average but I'm afraid that's the road I'm driving down. No matter how hard I try it seems like every sign is pointing to the exit that reads "mediocrity". I don't want to live my life struggling to live or make it day by day. I want to be the one who excels and passes by all of the bumps in the road. I want to be special and stand out from the crowd. No matter how much I want to, I can't seem to give up because of my fear of failure. Do you know how exhausting it is to not even be good enough to give up? You may not believe it but giving up is an art.

It takes a lot to give up when you once wanted something so badly. It takes a lot of dedication to never return to the thing you once loved (or still love). First you have to convince yourself that it you don't want it all that much, that it's simply just not worth it. How do you do that when you've only dreamed of success? I never saw myself as anything less than that person I want to be. Then after you convinced yourself, you have to entirely forget about the past you that had a crazy dream that didn't come true. Last, you have to force yourself to become content with your current position in life. In other words, you have to get comfortable where you are in life and it's really hard to get comfortable in a place you don't want to be. I've always heard that it's easy to give up and it's easy to get comfortable but it wasn't until recently that I learned the art of giving up and I'm still not so sure that I'm ready to go there. On the other hand, I don't know how much more rejection I can take.

I had to write on my Twitter page as a reminder to myself that in life you will always hear the word "no" more than "yes" but we must hold on because all we need is one "yes" to get us going. But what happens when you get the feeling that you're just wasting your time and you'll just be another number in the crowd with a story of an old dream that never happened? What do you do when you feel like there's no point in trying for that one "yes". Encouragement gets old and it no longer works. After a while it just sounds like a bunch of cattle manure that those annoying optimist use to hear themselves say something so they can continue feeling important. Like, really, who smiles that much anyway? 

I thought maybe if I wrote something honest that I would feel a lot better. Well, I guess I feel better...just not a lot. The feelings are still there, but the truth is they don't go away that easily. There's not much that anyone can say or do that'll change how I feel. I don't want to be a failure so I continue to keep going but it's getting harder everyday. It's exhausting and discouraging. I keep holding on to hope but I want to let it go because hope makes a fool of us. The only thing left to do is choose. Do I want to be a fool or a failure?



Don't Wake Me Up from Daydreaming...

"I wanna get out and build my own home on a street where reality is not much different from dreams I've had. A dream is all I have..."


They always tell us not to sleep for too long; it's the ones that's wide awake that will take the winning. Always keep your eyes wide open because that way you won't miss a thing. I say, close your eyes and keep them shut tight. Who needs to see when you can dream?


Being wide awake doesn't allow you to think of anything new. Staying awake only allows you to see what's in front of you, but dreaming gets you everywhere. Dreaming gives you the greatest ideas and the adrenaline to keep you going. Dreaming is sometimes all we have and if we never close our eyes, we would never know what lies inside of our minds. 


Just because you need to open your eyes sometimes doesn't mean you always have to be wide awake. It's okay to be alert but you have to allow yourself room to daydream and see visions through your eyelids. They say dreamers are fools or they have their heads in the clouds but it is possible to keep your feet on the ground while you're worlds away. 


Dreaming isn't only for the young, anyone can do it. We shouldn't limit ourselves to the average six to eight hours of dreaming we get every night, we should be dreaming all of the time. Without dreams, there would be nothing...we would be nothing. Everything starts with a dream, a vision only you can see. That's what makes dreaming so important.


Everyone has a different vision so why let yours become entrapped in reality when you can do the impossible by simply closing your eyes? Of course dreaming takes action but how can you take action if you never take the time to dream? Action with no purpose is useless. It's like driving without a destination: long, frustrating, and eventually you'll run out of gas.


Reality has life they say, but there were times in my dreams where I've never felt more alive. I'm sure you all know that feeling; that feeling where if someone pinched you, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between reality and your dreamworld...well, that's how life should be too. You should be dreaming so often that eventually you won't be able to tell the difference. Before you know it, you've made your dreams a reality and that's when you see the importance of having a dream. A dream isn't just a made up world in your head, it's a vision that's meant to become real enough to live through.


You may be thinking that the problem with dreams are that they never have an ending. It all usually abruptly ends or fades into oblivion causing you to feel uneasy or always wondering what would have happened. See, that's the thing about dreams, they give you the most important thing you need...a start! The rest of it is up to you. 


Wouldn't you rather live in your most exciting dream than be where you are now? What if I told you that you can? What if I told you that it's all possible? Would you close your eyes and get started now? Or would you take the safe road and be on the look out for all of the "what ifs"? 


The sleepless ones are always caught up with limitations that keep them trapped in a world where only the things you can touch are real. The daydreamers are the ones who break the boundaries of life and truly come alive. When there's a problem, the sleepless find something "real" to fix the issue, the daydreamers create a monster to fight off the villain. It's not hard to see which storyline is more exciting. Why use someone else creation when you can come up with your own?


So, next time you doubt dreaming and you think about staying awake "to get more done"just remember that the sleepless eventually go insane...



A look at my dream that became a reality:





It's Here and Now...

It's Here and Now...

It's official! My first novel, "A Tragic Heart" is here and now anyone in almost any part of the world can pick up a copy. I know it's been a while but I've been busy not only with the release of my first novel but also other business excursions. 

I've decided to stop sleeping on myself and do something about my dreams and goals. I never meant for this to sound sappy or mushy but I simply got tired of feeling "average". There are just times when you have to tell yourself "the time is here and now." 

Waiting can turn into "never" and "never" turns into "regret". I never want to feel the regret of not trying. I think as humans we always try to wait for the best times to start pursuing something but waiting can be deadly. Maybe there is no "right" time because there isn't enough time. 

Theoretically we only have about nine years of our lives to do what we want after factoring in the time we use for working and taking care of everything else, so why not start now? For one, I know that I need more than nine years to pursue everything that I envision for myself so I woke myself up and decided to go without waiting for the light to change. Lights are meant to direct traffic and I just want to be in my own lane on my own highway. No time for red or yellow lights...

Am I sure that I know what I'm doing? Do I know if I'm making a mistake? What if it all goes to hell and drags me along for the painful ride? So, what if it does? At least I can regret trying instead of regretting the "what ifs". The truth is, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm learning as I go. I don't know if I'm making a mistake but if I am, I'll learn from it. Life is all about learning and perfection is boring. Where's the excitement in getting it right all of the time? Shouldn't we live for the unexpected? Both bad and good? I think so...

Waiting is mediocrity, second guessing is crippling, and worrying is pointless. I never thought I would be the one saying go for the jump and pray that you take a leap but there comes a time that everyone must change who they are to get to where they are going. Hiding behind waiting or "that right time" is only going to fill you with regret and sorrow. You want to feel better about yourself? Just go for it

There will be criticism and you should take the constructive kind, but remain blinded to the negative. Someone will always have something to say and as long as you are happy with your decisions, that is all that matters. Someone will always disagree with you or try to argue their opinion but opinions are like........noses: everybody has one.

Now, of course this also means to use better judgment and to always be rational but also know that thinking for too long will only keep you in that one spot. Thinking only equals progress when you're taking action over your thoughts.

So, let's raise a glass to taking chances! Here's to here and now...

Included are links to the product of my "here and now":