S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

Welcome To Adulthood (OctPoWriMo2015-Day 12)

Am I crazy for thinking there's more?
Because I feel like this can't be all
Could I find it if I knew what to look for?
Don't say there's nothing behind this wall

Everything contains something deeper
Fear would love to prove that theory wrong
Going the other route because it's cheaper
Hoping what I need won't pass me along

Impossible things happen all the time
"Just believe," they all say
Kinder things have happened to evil souls
Let's not talk about that today

My mind is a wandering battle
Never ending at any point
Over bearing and keeps me rattled
Promising my dreams and fears are joint

Quiet moments do me no good
Rationalization is my worst enemy
Sometimes I don't think as I should
Trying to find a permanent remedy

Understanding is the hardest
Volunteering my sanity
Wishing on stardust
Xanax helps my inhumanity 

Yelling my loudest won't do me any good
Zookeepers stand by to lock up this animal inside 

The prompt today was to create a poem with 26 lines using different letters of the alphabet. I decided to go in alphabetical order.