S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

Waiting...(OctPoWriMo2015-Day 3)

I'm sitting here waiting
Just waiting for something to happen
I showed up, I fought my way here
Did the opportunity disappear?
Did I blink and miss it?
I thought this was it, the perfect fit

"Showing up is half the battle"
That's what they always say
Show up and get on the saddle
Ride it for what it's worth
But it ain't much here
It's not much there...

I thought waiting may not be enough
But they say waiting makes you tough
It gives you thicker skin
But I learned it's not about the outside but what's within
And even sometimes that ain't enough
Because we have no say over this kind of stuff

Where we'll end up
Who we are
We can try to change it but there's no guarantee
No matter what happens there's always a fee
So go ahead, we can dream and dream
But some dreams will always be incomplete