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No One's THAT Beautiful In High School!

 "Perfection is a disease of a nation"-Beyonce (Pretty Hurts)

This may come as a surprise to some of you (the high schoolers out there) but no one looks the way the high school students in movies look! Okay, so maybe you sort of knew this but I want to put things in a realistic perspective.

So, I was hanging out with an old high school friend last night (the only person I still talk to from high school) and we settled for watching movies from Redbox at my place. We decided on This Is 40 and Carrie (the remake). The movie I would like to talk about today is Carrie and the portrayal of young adults in high school.

First off, no one looks that good in high school! Like, seriously, come on! These kids had flawless skin, bleached white teeth and everything was tight and proportioned. Who looks like that in general but in HIGH SCHOOL?! It was something that we both had to point out and talk about throughout the movie. We reminisced on how awkward everyone looks during those years and the people who we thought were good looking was well....not as good looking as they are now (just a taste of honesty).

I'm not writing this to judge but I am writing this as a way to shed light on something: teen movies and shows are fake! Just like the rest of Hollywood. Thinking back during my high school years when I watched One Tree Hill and other shows that were targeted toward teenagers, everyone was gorgeous. I mean, did any of you go to school with someone that looked like Sophia Bush or Chad Michael Murray? ...Didn't think so...

The portrayal of teenagers onscreen are so unrealistic, no wonder why so many young adults have self-esteem issues. I hated everything about the way I looked because I thought I was supposed to look like Brooke Davis or Peyton Sawyer. Now that I'm out of high school (almost 5 years now), I'm able to see high school students clearly for the first time. They all look like kids trying to transition into adulthood. They have acne and glasses and braces. Their bodies aren't fully developed and looks like they could use a couple of more years of growing. This is what you're supposed to look like in high school. These movies and shows make us believe that we're supposed to be supermodel status by the time we're fifteen. NEWSFLASH: NO ONE IS SEXY IN HIGH SCHOOL!

The ones in the movies and television programs who look like normal teens are always the ones who get teased or bullied. They're known as the geeks or outsiders. Realistically, This Is 40 had a more accurate portrayal of a teenager. Although the children were only in middle school, it seemed more likely. That's what I remember everyone looking like growing up.

Let me give you a run down: Pretty Little Liars is fake! One Tree Hill...fake! The Vampire Diaries...uh uh! Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, and all the rest are just a load of BS!

I'm here to tell you all that no one looks like Regina George, Elena Gilbert, Aria Montgomery, or Brooke Davis in high school!  Now college...that's a different story!

Too Far Gone

Here is a poem that I written a while ago (probably in 2010). I know I was only 18 when I wrote it. It's written in permanent marker on my bedroom wall (along with many song lyrics and quotes). It's called "Too Far Gone" and at the time I considered it one of the best pieces I've ever written. It's about how people tend to judge our actions but never ask why we reacted the way we did. I always felt like that was one of the most unfair aspects of life. We all have a story and we all are the way we are for a reason. No one decides to wake up in a bad mood and no one turns out the way they are simply because they felt like it. There's more to everyone and I think that people should always remain mindful of that. Basically, it's for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood (which is everyone).

What do you do when you believe
But your faith isn't strong?
When you do the right thing
But it ends up wrong?
I'm walking around this empty space
Leaving pieces of me all over the place
And it's not good enough
No, it's never good enough!

And no one ever stops to get it
Just how painful it is
To be twisted up on the inside
To have nowhere to hide
And you're wrong when your finger's up in the air
But they're right when they judge the unfair

And no one seems to notice
How tragic you really are
And no one seems to really care...