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Judgment:Theme From RED

"We can't be judged. We can't be told we're not good enough because of our past. After all, we're all red on the inside..."-Peyton Hayley Giordano (RED)

The theme I chose from last week was finding yourself and this week I'll take off from there. While finding yourself you're going to come across a lot of people who will have their own opinions about you and most of the time these opinions will come off as judgmental. For some reason, when we're in the process of changing people like to point out your past and the things/mistakes you used to do. It's like a constant reminder of who you used to be but the thing to remember is that, that's not important anymore. What's important is that you're moving on and trying to become the person you deserve to be.

In RED, Peyton does a lot of things that every one of you will judge her for. You will yell at her in your heads and call her various names throughout the book...and I can't say that I blame you because Peyton is a very frustrating character to deal with. The thing to remember is that she's supposed to be human and a little troubled. If there is anyone to tell a story about where the main character must find herself and start over, it's Peyton. 

In life, we're going to do a lot of questionable things and make tons of less than desirable decisions but in the end no one has the real right to judge us. Our past is the past and that is where it should stay. Whenever someone tries to comment on your "new" behavior and try and classify it as being "fake" just ignore them and focus on the new you. Guarantee, there will always be someone out there questioning your motives and trying to pull you back into who you used to be. Cut them off. They're no good for you or your process to grow and find who you are. 

While you're growing, you must also remember to not knock anyone else down if they're still stuck where you once were. Everyone has a different process and some people take longer to come around (if they ever do!). This still doesn't give you a right to judge. One of the hardest things is trying to change. It seems like it's almost impossible so kicking someone when they're already down won't do any good either. We're all just human so don't judge.

During RED, you will notice that almost every character has something about them that's easy to judge them on. They all have their vices just like we do. Some are drug related, some are lust related, and others may seem difficult to even categorize but that's not the point. We all have a weakness or two and none of us like to be judged for it. In fact, we spend most of our time hiding it from people. 

So while you're moving on and trying to find yourself remember to not listen to those trying to judge you and don't judge anyone else during your process. They're no better than you are and you're no better than them. So, go ahead, make your mistakes, drop your ego, start over, forgive yourself and others, find yourself, and don't worry about judgment. The whole point of this journey is to love who you are...hey, that sounds like an awesome topic for next week! 

Until next week, let's listen to a song all about judging...