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Cruising Norwegian? Think Again!

Remember when I promised I would write full blog post about my horrible experience with cruising Norwegian ?! Well, here it is!

As most of you know I embarked on my journey for Wanderlust where I share all of my experiences and moments from all over the world. I gain inspiration for books and new endeavors by experiencing other cultures and places. My first journey was with Norwegian (BIG MISTAKE!)

First of all, I only went on a cruise with them because I was a passenger on Parahoy (the cruise with the band Paramore and they were awesome!). When we showed up to the port (Port of Miami), as soon as we got out of the cab, we were bombarded by workers telling us we must check in our bags right there. There was zero organization and hundreds of people roaming in the same area. It was a playground for error!

We followed orders and checked in all 3 of our bags with the same person. He read our luggage tags and said, “you guys are going on the Pearl, head this way,” and pointed in the correct direction. That was it! That was the last time we saw our beloved bag that held ALL of our clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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Wanna Travel?

Do you love to travel? Have you ever had dreams of seeing the world? Maybe you always thought about visiting a country or city but wasn't sure what there is to do there? Whatever the case, you can now travel with me wherever I go. 

I started a blog called Wanderlust through my website SElleCameron.com where you can follow me through my travels as I gain inspiration to write books, poetry, personal journal entries and short stories. Since I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to see the world (and work with celebrities/be one, but whatever), so now I'm doing it. 

Today I'm beginning Wanderlust with a take off to Miami for a cruise heading to Cozumel, Mexico (along with the band Paramore. There's where the celebrity thing comes in). I'll be part of the Parahoy experience and will document my time there with videos and photos, along with writings. Hope to see you following along. 

See the world with me! 

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