S. Elle Cameron

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Is Writing A Mood? (One For The Writers)

Most people have the belief that you have to be in the mood to write. I used to be one of those people (and on some days I still am). In fact, I skipped over my fifth novel to complete my sixth all because of the mood I was in. Now that I'm finished with the sixth, I'm back at working on number five. I was always one to complete one project before moving to another but the mood I was in compelled me to write a fourth and final book to my series, starting with A Tragic Heart.

I've been given the advice to write even when I'm not in the mood to and so far it's been great advice. I've actually written some of the best scenes during moments I simply didn't feel like writing. It always starts off hard but if you just sit there and think for a while, the writer's block will go away.

Now, I do agree that it feels better to write or create something when those creative juices are already flowing. It's easier to get the words out when the wheels are already cranking and turning. Sometimes, it just can't be that way but as writers we should learn to write even when we don't want to...because the truth is we need to. We need to be able to write under any circumstances if we want to be able to call ourselves writers and authors. We're artists and being an artists is much more than being in a mood. It's who we are!

A great example of this is Foster The People's hit song "Pumped Up Kicks". The lead singer and writer of the band stated that he wasn't in the mood to write or create that day; he just wanted to go to the beach. He's always been the type of writer to write only when he felt something (as most of us are). That one day he decided to push through and write a new song instead of going to the beach (which was very close to the studio he was at) and he came up with the band's biggest hit to date. In fact, the eerie demo version he created at the studio was the same version to be released to radio by the label. I bet he's glad he decided to write that day instead of going to the beach! Now, just think about what you could create by sticking it out...or think about what you could be missing out on by not creating because of a mood. Is it really worth it? You could write the most successful piece of your career when you're not in the mood to write.

While writing may seem like a mood, it doesn't have to be. Writing should be a part of life for us even if it only means writing one sentence a day. We should never stop creating and we should always remember that writing is who we are...not a feeling!

If you don't know the song "Pumped Up Kicks", take a listen below!