S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

One Winged Siren

Broken and cold
Or is it broken and old? 
It's an emergency and no one's around
No one's coming & I can't be found
The air is freezing
And my soul's pleading
I want so badly to go numb
But somehow the pain is fun
It let's me know I'm alive

But, how I don't want to be
I'd rather die than suffer a broken wing
Flight is impossible
Or is it implausible? 
Either way no one answered the call
No one heard my fall
No one answered to the sirens
My breathing's getting heavy and lighter
God knows, I've never been much of a fighter

So, here I am getting older yet nothing changes
I'm drowning in my own weight
Or is it my own burdens?
From down here it all looks the same
High up and impossible to reach
But something's telling me I should practice what I teach
Maybe I can save that for another day
Maybe when things start to go my way
Whatever that means...

I already crashed and I'm waiting to burn
Maybe some flames would do me some good
Maybe the flames will catch their attention
I doubt that 
They're all consumed in their world
And all I have is this one winged siren
All I have is a piece of broken hope
But somehow that has to be enough
Because if it's not...