S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

Get To Know Me (OctPoWriMo2015-Day 18)

I'm perfectly fine
Quiet and divine 
I smirk and I smile
But I'm deeper than the Nile 

I've always been a mystery
No one really knows my history
But they all love to assume
So, I dance to my own tune

Inside I'm a bad one
The one who enjoys fun
Don't think because I'm a perfect lady
I don't have a side to me that's a bit shady

I'm not saying I'm not trustworthy 
Evil or dirty
I'm just saying you don't know me
So don't judge me, please

I'm better than you imagine
So raw, my thoughts can be quite savage
But I swear I'm still a good guy
Get to know me...just try!