S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

Red City Review of A Tragic Heart!

Here is a review from Red City Review on A Tragic Heart. I'm really grateful and excited about all of the positive feedback my first novel has been receiving. It makes me proud to know that I wrote something good when I was only 18 years old and it only took me one month to do so. I believed in this book for years now (and I still have some convincing to do) so it really means a lot. Reviews like these gives me a reason to continue writing and dealing with the stress of trying to become known. I just really want to share my stories with the world...plain and simple.

My favorite line from the review is, "The characters created in this book are the kinds that will be remembered, as they are realistic and raw, the kind you will either love or hate." This is just what I wanted when I created the book and hopefully someday we can see these characters play out on a big screen. That just takes a few more people to believe in this book the way I do. Thanks to everyone who read and also took the time to review A Tragic Heart.

A Tragic Heart by S. Elle Cameron

A Tragic Heart by S. Elle Cameron tells the story of Taylor Caldwell, a sixteen year old girl who has been struggling with depression. Her unfortunate hardships change and evolve when she starts a relationship with her high school crush, Mason, and they eventually decide to get married, even though Taylor’s family strong disapproves. For a short time, her life dramatically gets better and she finds happiness with the man of her dreams at her side. Unfortunately, the good times do not last for long, as unforeseen dramatic events cause her world to crumble all around her.

This novel follows a young girl trying to find meaning in life, while she tries to understand her true self and conquer her inner demons which often seem far too much for her to overcome. Cameron explores the usual themes that are so often present in a teenager’s life, and also adds in the typical elements of love triangles and the struggles of growing up. Switching back and forth between good times and bad, the author takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotion, as she crafts this tale of a troubled teenager coming of age, offering twists and turns on many pages to keep the story fresh and engaging. The characters created in this book are the kinds that will be remembered, as they are realistic and raw, the kind you will either love or hate. For a young adult novel, the subject material is rather dark, and is not to be taken lightly; especially as the ending itself is rather tragic. Nevertheless, this is the kind of tale that will stay with you after the book comes to its conclusion.

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