S. Elle Cameron

All love is a tragedy...

Where Did The Time Go?

I currently have 'Nsync's "God Must've Spent A Little More Time on You" on repeat and I'm wondering why they don't make music like this anymore? The 90s and early 00s had a bunch of iconic music that no era would ever be able to duplicate and it's a little sad to think about. How did we fall so low as a society that we accept what's on the radio now? What happened to the people who appreciated meaningful Pop music and not just Pop music that caused you to mindlessly bop your head?

I don't know about the rest of you but I was a major 90s/00s Pop freak! I had (and still have) everything 'Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (just to name The Big 4). I remember a time when slow jams and pop ballads were welcomed over the airwaves and everything wasn't EDM and about popping molly.

There's nothing more that I would want than to be able to hear stuff like "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" and "What A Girl Wants" while driving and listening to the radio. Remember when everyone was screaming "I Want It That Way" at the top of their lungs? Wasn't it a good feeling?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a musical encyclopedia. I listen to it all, from 1950s (Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke) to 1980s (Prince, Madonna, Michael) but I absolutely loved the latter 90s. It makes me sad that this later generation missed the good stuff. I cringed at the video from E! Online where children didn't even know what to do with a cassette player (YIKES!).

I remember when Pop music was an event! I miss TRL, Making the video, Say What! Karaoke, etc. Music was fun and exciting and it actually meant something. Where did the time go? Remember when a music video premiere was an exciting thing? Now we just click a link and get directed to an artists' Vevo page. Nothing's the same anymore. It'll be great if they brought an updated version of these shows...maybe then music would become more exciting.
I know I usually don't write about this kind of stuff but it was just weighing heavily on my mind. Listening to 'Nsync took me on a trip down memory lane to the days I knew every Britney dance move and my wall was covered in Pop culture posters. Not even the cartoons are the same anymore...it's really a shame...